Counselling for couples

Session Costs : from £65.00 for 50 minutes

Are you experiencing difficulties in your marriage or relationship with your partner? I can help. Couples counselling (also known as marriage guidance or relationship counselling) gives couples a safe space to explore their issues with an experienced, impartial therapist.

As well as helping those who are romantically involved, it can help any two people who want to improve their relationship, such as family members, friends or colleagues.

Couples counselling gives you both the chance to be heard equally, and to look at problems from a fresh perspective. It’s not about taking sides, or apportioning blame, it’s about enabling effective communication so you can move forward in your relationship.

Here are just some of the issues I help couples resolve:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Affairs and infidelity issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Parenting skills/children
  • Jealousy and control issues
  • Long-standing disagreements
  • Pre-marital preparation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Infertility problems
  • Major life changes
  • Financial issues
  • Secrecy and lies

Get results fast, with intensive couples counselling

As well as providing traditional 50-minute weekly sessions (priced £65 a session), I also offer intensive couples counselling (ICC). Priced at £140 for an initial two-hour assessment or £220 for an intensive three-hour session, ICC is ideal for couples who want results fast. Most couples find one session of ICC as helpful as several weeks of traditional therapy.

Longer, intensive counselling sessions enable us to get to the heart of important issues quickly, and deal with them thoroughly so you don’t have to talk over the same issues time and time again.

ICC is particularly helpful for couples dealing with the aftermath of an affair or major life event, as it helps to stabilise difficult situations and enables you to develop a plan for moving forward. It’s also popular with couples who can’t commit to weekly therapy sessions due to work or childcare commitments or other issues.

Saturday and evening sessions available.

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