Professional Counselling and Coaching in Gloucester City Centre

Asking for help is hard. You want someone to listen to you but find the vast listings of counsellors can make your head spin. Many claim to offer so many services, from counselling to hypnotherapy to CBT, NLP and beyond - it is a wonder anyone can know where on earth to begin when looking for someone to talk to.

Sue Christy’s approach is simple. A fully trained, BACP Accredited professional and established counsellor who has a passion for her work and it shows. Her highly successful central Gloucester practice (Brunswick Road GL1) has been built steadily upon reputation. Sue’s aim is to help you find a positive outcome no matter what the problem is. No matter how deep you feel you have sunk, there is always a way back up.

Sue uses common sense in her approach and trusts that it is the counselling relationship, not ‘psychobabble’ that will prove fundamental to the counselling process. Sue will work with you at your pace, and won’t push you - unless that is what you want.

For many people, between one and six meetings with Sue can make a real difference to what was troubling them. Sue also offers longer term counselling where appropriate. 

In addition, Sue can help you to find the resources to manage the life you want post-counselling. In essence, once clients have worked with Sue they are often keen to keep her alongside whilst they adapt to their 'new normal', taking the shape of monthly 'maintenance' visits to ensure you keep on track.

Many Gloucestershire GPs refer clients to Sue and are happy to endorse her professionalism, ethics, experience and positive outcomes. Sue is also an external staff counsellor for Gloucestershire Country Council and Associate Counsellor for Health Assured.

However, you do not need a referral to work with Sue. She also supports many counsellors both in training and beyond as either their counsellor or supervisor, and supports other  professionals with clinical supervision